As a 2022 Graphic Design grad, I excel in creating impactful visuals that drive successful marketing campaigns. With expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, I've designed for various platforms blending creativity with strategic goals. My experience spans logo design, social media content, and multimedia projects and all of the projects in my portfolio were created from the ground up without stock photos or designs. Passionate about staying creatively relevant, I draw inspiration from agencies and social media as well as unplugging and engaging in hobbies in other creative areas like crochet/fiber arts & reading/writing. I am eager to grow professionally and I look forward to collaborating on innovative projects.
“Rylee always goes above and beyond! They not only improve my website overall, they have the capacity to make it even better than what I need and does so quickly and efficiently.” 
-Danielle Kean-Grassi, Kean Strategies
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